Travel styles

Mexico offers visitors a wide range of experiences and attractions to explore. Whether you are interested in history, culture, food, or outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in this beautiful country.

Active Adventure

Mexico is perfect for active folks. Into cycling or mountain biking? If racking up miles on a flat surface is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Yucatan Península – but if a climbing challenge is what you need, Central Mexico will more than satisfy you.

What about hiking? The terrain is so varied that this is a hiker’s dream -forests, mountains, volcanos, desert, tropical jungle, and beaches. And all in one trip, if you’d like! Finally, the water (of course, it’s Mexico) provides incredible paddling experiences, both inland (whitewater, as well as calm) and on the coast.

Culture, History & Tradition

Mexico is the cradle of some of the most impressive ancient civilizations in the world such as the Mayas and Aztecs, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s important to learn about the more overlooked cultures, like the Purépechas, Zapotecs, Toltecs, Olmecs, and Mixtecs amongst others…

What makes our culture so fantastic is the juxtaposition of old and new. When you travel with Hola Colega, it’s not just about the history – it’s about the present day too, and the people that bring it to life. On a trip with Hola Colega, you will experience this firsthand through connections with locals and storytelling guides.

Nature & Wildlife

Mexico is a country with a vast and diverse natural landscape that offers a wealth of opportunities for nature travel. From the stunning beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts to the rugged mountains, dense forests, and exotic wildlife, Mexico has something for everyone.

México offers some of the most extraordinary wildlife spectacles in the world, and even this is perhaps an understatement. Massive migrations of species such as the emblematic whales and Monarch butterflies, yes, but it’s also a premier destination for birdwatching, and the southern jungles of Mexico boast the opportunity to spot big cats like the Jaguar…

Even within the well-known Mexican wildlife experiences, Hola Colega gets you off the beaten path – we have an even better place than Michoacán to watch the Monarchs, for example (you’ll have to ask us, though).

Food and Drink

What can we say about food in Mexico? It’s a given, the food is amazing… we have the perfect blend between ancient, colonial and modern. Places such as Mexico City offer a contrast between Michelin star experiences and the best street food. Then, there’s Oaxaca with its traditional fare. The Yucatan shines as the “go to” foodie destination for Mexicans themselves and the seafood in Baja is unmissable.

And drinks? Did you know there are two wine regions in Mexico and a burgeoning craft beer scene? In addition to the staple of Tequila from Jalisco, Mezcal is gaining ground, with local producers creating it in small batches


Mexico is a country rich in culture and art, making it an ideal destination for those interested in exploring the artistic heritage of the region. The country is home to numerous art museums, galleries, and cultural centers, showcasing works by some of the most renowned artists of the world.

One of the must-visit destinations for art enthusiasts is Mexico City, which houses several important art museums such as the National Museum of Anthropology, the Palacio de Bellas Artes, and the Frida Kahlo Museum. These institutions house an extensive collection of pre-Columbian art, modern Mexican art, and the works of the legendary artist Frida Kahlo.

Apart from Mexico City, there are several other cities in Mexico known for their art and culture, such as Oaxaca, Guadalajara, and San Miguel de Allende. These cities are home to various art galleries, studios, and exhibitions showcasing the traditional and contemporary art forms of the country.

Overall, Mexico offers something for every type of traveler, from adventure seekers to cultural enthusiasts to beachgoers and foodies.