About Hola Colega!

Exclusively B2B, Hola Colega offers exciting and ethical travel experiences throughout Mexico for discerning experiential tour operators, travel agents, travel advisors and of course, their clients.

Hola Colega translates to ‘Hello Colleague’ an ode to the friendly nature of Mexicans, and by saying colleague, we emphasize our roots as a B2B-only company.

We are based in Merida, capital of the state of Yucatan and one of the prettiest cities in all of Mexico, (of course) but we’re crazy about about all of our country and its secrets.

Why us?

We are collaborative and honest when building the right experience for your company and your clients. Every proposal is crafted based on what is meaningful to you as a company and to your customers.

Unlike regional specialists, we are intimately familiar with the entire country and its best experiences. We work closely with local guides in each region to bring your clients the deepest experience possible, but always on the local communities’ terms.

Your company´s interests are always protected and prioritized. We care deeply about your clients’ experience while in Mexico and will stay true to your brand.